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Snap Ships

Intro Bundle

Intro Bundle

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This awesome Intro Bundle will have you playing 2v2 games right away. You get the Starter Box with its two ships, plus a pair of Scout Ships - The Lance and Locust. Play the Scouts separately, or mix and match their parts with your Starter Ships. With the included Stand Pack, you cans field squadrons of 2 ships each against each other, or play co-op or solo against multiple AI opponents.

If you already have a Starter Box, this Bundle will instantly get you up to 3v3 with double the Starter Box components to use in your games.

This Intro Bundle adds over 150+ plastic pieces and 12 unique ships builds

In the bundle:

  • 12 Unique Chassis Cards and 40 Unique AI Cards
  • 44 Unique Part Cards
  • 10 Custom Dice
  • 4 Heavy Duty Flight Stands
  • 4 Hull and Evasion Trackers
  • 2 Plastic Move tools
  • Terrain, ID, and Missile Tokens
  • 80 Energy and Heat Cubes
  • 3 Range Rulers 
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