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Deluxe Console Pack (Retail Store Only)

Deluxe Console Pack (Retail Store Only)

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The Deluxe Console pack is a premium plastic add-on to any Tactics game. 1 Console Pack will serve the Starter Box, and provide enough console pieces for 2.5 medium sized ships. Players with bigger fleets may want additional consoles so they their entire squadron has access to them. 

The 10 plastic console sections included in each pack can be snapped securely together into trays. Their unique "control panel" look keeps all your cubes and cards organized. Pegs on the consoles also let them be used for freeform building!

Note: each console section holds 1 chassis card or 2 parts cards. Falx and Wasp each require 5 console sections, while Sabre, Scarab, Lance and Locust each require 4.

* Deluxe Console are 16 to a case, so they are offered ala carte here.

In the Kickstarter phase of the project customers ordered an average of 1 Deluxe Console pack for every Starter sold. Post campaign we have seen many customers come back specifically for the Consoles.

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