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3v3 Squadron Bundle

3v3 Squadron Bundle

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The 3v3 Squadron Bundle is an incredible amount of content! You get at least one of every playable Tactics part, and enough building components to field six ships! Play squadrons of 3 ships each against each other, or play co-op or solo against several AI opponents.

Altogether you get over 230 plastic pieces and 18 unique ships builds! This deluxe bundle gives you everything  you need to construct a FLEET of custom ships!

In the bundle:

  • 18 Chassis Cards and 66 AI Cards
  • 79 Part Cards
  • 10 Custom Dice
  • 6 Heavy Duty Flight Stands
  • 6 Hull and Evasion Trackers
  • 2 Plastic Move tools
  • Terrain, ID, and Missile Tokens
  • 110 Energy and Heat Cubes
  • 3 Range Rulers 
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